New Project!

It's been a busy July! I'm working on a new short called "Itey" from the guys over at The Blank Frame. This is my second project with them, the first being a short film called "Like Glue." I learned a lot on that project, and this one is no different! These guys are pretty rad, and hold sound in high regard. I can't wait to share the finished project. We're just finishing up final revisions, and should be completed soon. In the mean time, enjoy a few shots from the video!

New Blog! (And it's not about sound!)

*Gasp!* So I'm trying something new. Sound is most certainly my passion, and will continue to be.  But I have always had an appreciation and fascination for prop and costume making. So I took the dive and bought a ticket to DragonCon this September! 

So I'm working on a costume: Scarecrow, from Batman Begins. I'm pretty excited about it, and I've begun a blog to chronicle my process and progress. I also have a post on The Replica Prop Forum where any discussion and trying to figure stuff out will go. 

Check out the blog here, and the RPF post here. I'm really hoping I can pull this off! Check it out!


A couple of months ago, I was privileged to serve as sound supervisor on a new web-series pilot called STOP:DATE, which is the brain-child of Brian Teague. We premiered it in Atlanta on May 2nd, then world wide on the 5th. If you enjoy the series, visit the contact section of and tell them you liked it!

In STOP:DATE, the earth's rotation has begun to slow down, and will soon no longer be able to sustain life. The first two episodes follow Dr. Henry Wheeler, and Anthony as we are introduced to this dying world. Check out the first two episodes below.

A big thanks to my team, Kelly Esidore, Thomas Jackson, and Andrew Bahls! 

(Episodes 1 & 2, in order.)

Introducing Twitch: Interceptor!

 This guy is about to lose....

This guy is about to lose....


I made an app! Well, more specifically, Alex Van Rossum, Mike Rinehardt, and myself made a game! Behold, I present: TWITCH: INTERCEPTOR. Available now on iOS and Android!

My role in all this is sound designer. I had worked on another game for a short period of time a while back, and I grabbed some of the original recordings we had made for that project, and reworked them for this game. It was pretty exciting to see this game go from just an idea to a full-fledged game with sound and music, and I'm looking forward to doing more in the months to come!

It's your basic "Survive as long as you can" kind of game. My high score (as of this writing) is 98! if you beat it, let me know on twitter! Be sure to also check out Retro Runner, and stay tuned for more apps to come! We've got another on it's way out sometime in the next month!


Download Twitch: Interceptor for iOS here! (Android version, here.)

Changing Nature of Internships in Sound Design

Timothy Muirhead has written an interesting article on internships within the field of sound design. Education and experience are the primary ways that knowledge is passed on, and while audio programs in colleges and universities touch on both of these, Timothy suggests that the internship is where education is cemented into place by experience. Take a look at the article, then come back here and share your thoughts!

A New Approach to Internships?

PSE Hybrid Animal Competition Entry

I recently submitted an entry to the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Animal Sound Design Competition. According to the rules, I had to use at least one sound from their database to create a kind of chimera, combining different animal sound effects to invent a new creature. I won't bore you with the details, but I created an animal from a Cougar, Howling Monkey, and a Horse, along with a few other animals as sweeteners.

Warning. Shameless self-promotion:

Take a minute to listen to and vote for my entry here!


In the process of naming this creature, I ended up writing a fun little blurb about them, and how this "recording" of the wild beast came about. 

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Quick update!

  a little side project from January: DIY gear pegboard! 

a little side project from January: DIY gear pegboard! 

So it's been a busy couple of months! I fell behind on my December challenge, partially because of the holidays, and partially because it was poorly planned. January went much better! I managed to almost fill up an entire SD Card (16gb) worth of sound effects!

It turned out to be a pretty diverse collection of sounds. Some of the highlights include ambiences like wind and rain, louder, more transient sounds (light bulbs and ice shards breaking!) and a wide variety of electronic sounds gathered with a "telephone coil induction pickup," which are by far some of the most interesting sounds I found during January. 

This month, I want to focus on drones and ambiences some more. During one of my wind ambience recordings, my mother suggested I stick the microphones inside PVC pipes and put them in the wind. The result was awesome! The wind that night was strong enough that I got some really low whistle-like sounds that had great volume and variance, all while getting independent tracks of just the wind! Way to go, Mom! 

I'm going to try and get some more drones like that, as well as the sound of fans in different places. I've got a couple of personal fans I'm the back of my car, hoping I'll come across a large space where I can record the fans running. 


That's it for now! Check back in a few weeks! I might post a couple of these sounds after I finish editing them. Till then, keep playing the world!

- RG 



December Sound Effect Challenge Update

So I've decided to alter the sound effect challenge that I issued to myself. Instead of only recording tools, I will be recording just about anything. The holidays are a busy time, and I just haven't made the time for recording all those tools in my basement. I started this project so that I could learn things, and the first thing I learned is that recording sound effects takes preparation and planning. 

So the rest of December will be "Found Sounds", with the occasional tool thrown in there. Stay tuned though! I'll still be recording sound effects after the new year arrives!