Night Ambiences - 3.5

Since August, I've been recording the late evening ambience from outside my window about once a month. It's been a very interesting study. I'm thinking of adding another interval halfway through each month. Here's what I have so far.

August was my first study. I had recorded the back yard the day before, and decided to set up the mics from my bedroom window. Since I don't yet have a portable recorder, I moved my computer in there, and set the mics up against the window screen. 

September was the second month, and there was already a noticeable difference in the ambience. I also had moved from the back yard to the front yard, since my computer was already set up in the studio. I used the same method of placing the mics up against the screen. I considered doing another recording halfway through September, but opted not to.

October was an... interesting.. recording. I captured what I believe to be someone hammering on something late at night, and there were a few other odd sounds in this recording. I will say, however, this month's recording made me regret not grabbing extra recordings throughout the rest of the month. You can still hear a cicada here and there, but the other insect life is what has changed most dramatically. Stay tuned for the Mid-October recording, and keep on listening!

- RG