December Sound Effects Challenge!

This post is a little late in coming! For the entire month of December, I have challenged myself to either record or post one sound effect per day. I have also chosen to stick within the category of "Tools" or, "things found in my father's basement". He's been in building construction his whole life, and has an entire wall of shelves with all sorts of tools on them. I've already gotten a week's worth of ratchet sounds, and plan to play around down there this weekend to get some more sounds! I'm primarily doing this project to get some more practice in the area of sound effects recording, as well as in the area of taking something from a recording to a finished product. Here's a few pictures and sounds from the first recording session. 

I set up a makeshift studio in my closet, and recorded the sounds with both a single cardioid Behringer C-2, and a Roland R-26, set up to record through the onboard omni mics. I also took the mat that was in the corner and tacked it up on the wall, just to kill a few more reflections. Finally, beneath the rug on the floor, I placed six half-inch foam pads to help provide some isolation for the microphone stands. So far I've uploaded four different effects, all raw, and I believe the player below will update as I add more to the set. I haven't been able to master the effects just yet, since my recording session wasn't that organized. If I don't get the chance to master, I may take a month next year to play catch-up.

When I do finally finish with the ratchet, I'll make a post on the next tool I record. Stay tuned, and keep listening!

Sound effects "booth."