Night ambiences update

Two new night ambiences to share! Check it out!

This past tuesday, it had been raining all day long. Towards the evening, it slowed down a little, and was a slight drizzle for most of the evening. During this time, I took my R-26 outside and set up a little rain shelter, and recorded about 12 minutes of ambience. This was around 9:30 at night. 

There's a number of elements within this recording. In the cooler months, my father partially drains the pool, and then we cover it, to keep animals and leaves out. In addition to the rain on the cement pool deck, and in the distance, you also hear the sound of light rain on the canvas-like pool cover, as well as the sound of water droplets falling into the pool. (Sometime, when I can construct a better hydrophone, and I have a longer cable, I'll try recording what it sounds like underwater when this is happening.)  There's also another sound that sounds like something tapping the microphone every few minutes. I imagine that's the sound of water droplets hitting the A/C units, since it's mainly in the right channel. 


The next ambience is from last night, December 5th. I'm really excited about this one. Over the last few days, we've had a "heat wave" of sorts, and yesterday's high temperature was 71°F. In December. (Maybe that's why they call it "Hotlanta"!) 

Rather than doing this recording from the middle of the backyard, I pulled the R-26 closer to the edge of our property and pointed it towards the back yard, and captured a little more than just crickets! A few times throughout the clip, you hear some branches breaking, or the wind, or a really interesting train horn (really interesting!). The most exciting thing, however, is some kind of animal moving around in the small wood behind our house. There's a few spots here and there, but the most interesting is around the 6 minute mark, where it sounds like it's burrowing or rustling, or taking a few careless steps. I hope you enjoy it!