Quick update!

  a little side project from January: DIY gear pegboard! 

a little side project from January: DIY gear pegboard! 

So it's been a busy couple of months! I fell behind on my December challenge, partially because of the holidays, and partially because it was poorly planned. January went much better! I managed to almost fill up an entire SD Card (16gb) worth of sound effects!

It turned out to be a pretty diverse collection of sounds. Some of the highlights include ambiences like wind and rain, louder, more transient sounds (light bulbs and ice shards breaking!) and a wide variety of electronic sounds gathered with a "telephone coil induction pickup," which are by far some of the most interesting sounds I found during January. 

This month, I want to focus on drones and ambiences some more. During one of my wind ambience recordings, my mother suggested I stick the microphones inside PVC pipes and put them in the wind. The result was awesome! The wind that night was strong enough that I got some really low whistle-like sounds that had great volume and variance, all while getting independent tracks of just the wind! Way to go, Mom! 

I'm going to try and get some more drones like that, as well as the sound of fans in different places. I've got a couple of personal fans I'm the back of my car, hoping I'll come across a large space where I can record the fans running. 


That's it for now! Check back in a few weeks! I might post a couple of these sounds after I finish editing them. Till then, keep playing the world!

- RG