Introducing Twitch: Interceptor!

 This guy is about to lose....

This guy is about to lose....


I made an app! Well, more specifically, Alex Van Rossum, Mike Rinehardt, and myself made a game! Behold, I present: TWITCH: INTERCEPTOR. Available now on iOS and Android!

My role in all this is sound designer. I had worked on another game for a short period of time a while back, and I grabbed some of the original recordings we had made for that project, and reworked them for this game. It was pretty exciting to see this game go from just an idea to a full-fledged game with sound and music, and I'm looking forward to doing more in the months to come!

It's your basic "Survive as long as you can" kind of game. My high score (as of this writing) is 98! if you beat it, let me know on twitter! Be sure to also check out Retro Runner, and stay tuned for more apps to come! We've got another on it's way out sometime in the next month!


Download Twitch: Interceptor for iOS here! (Android version, here.)