Mask - Part 1

My plan this weekend was to fully build the fear gas this weekend. I ran into some problems, and shopping took longer than expected, so I didn't get a chance to work on it. I also ran into some problems with finding parts for the power section. All this to say, I didn't work on the gas component this weekend. 


I did get a chance to start thinking about my mask. I'm basically using this post to put together various articles/videos, etc that I will use in my making next weekend. 


  • This video will really serve as a backbone to my mask. It's got great info on how he put it together, materials he used, and overall look. 
  • This Instructable shows a different material, but serves as a way, possibly, to cut whatever material I end up putting under my burlap. Now that I'm thinking about it, I can shape my burlap around my head, cut it to shape, then unfold it and cut my liner to shape. 

That's it for now. If I find other pieces that help, i'll update this.

Voice Changer - Part 1

Just a quick post. My roommate has this small Scosche BoomCAN battery powered speaker. It fits in the palm of my hand, and charges via USB. I've run a few tests with some voice changing patches I created in Audulus a while ago, and it seems like it will do the trick. I plan on working on the mask some this weekend, and I'll be playing with the voice changer throughout next week, so maybe, just maybe, this is coming together nicely! I'm also toying around with making an Arkham Asylum ID badge for Crane. I'll update a little more later this weekend.


Fear Gas - Part 2

I made my initial airflow chamber, as I'll call it, and it turned out well.. it wasn't pretty, by any means, but it worked. Here's a video of it in action:

And here are some photos of the rig.

What I ended up doing was taking a square bottle, I cut it in half, then slipped my fan in using double sided tape. this was hard because the tape immediately wanted to grab hold of whatever it came in contact with. So I took pieces of the backing and made loops that I could easily pull out later. The toothpicks covered the areas the backing missed. After removing the backing, I made a hole for the wires to poke through. I then split the bottom half of the bottle to better fit it around the top half, and jammed them together. I then tried to use superglue to hold everything together, and when all was said and done, the thing worked and pulled match-smoke through just fine. Super-glue doesn't really work that well on this kind of smooth plastic surface.

I thought I could do better, so I made another one, this time with a better fitting round bottle... the one I wanted to avoid using because it meant I would have to shave off portions of my fan. It actually worked out MUCH better. Take a look: 

I like version 2.0 a lot better. Sleeker, smaller, and I think the air will flow better through it. I used hot-glue instead of super-glue, and I think that works a LOT better. I did use super-glue to attach foam to the fan so it would fit better inside the bottle, but I didn't use double-sided tape. I put a single band of foam in front of the fan to stop it from going any further forward, but honestly, I don't think that was needed. I used hot-glue to secure the nozzles, and seal up the hole for the wires, and then used clear packing tape to hold the whole assembly together. All in all, I'm pretty proud of my work. I'm going by the vaporizer store tomorrow to see if they've got a vape mod I can try the system out on, and maybe even purchase, since the other one is going to take so long to get here. 

That's it for now! I think this weekend I'll start on my mask. That's going to be a tough one to figure out, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. 



FEAR GAS Build - Part 1

So I've actually had a little bit of progress on the fear gas dispenser. I purchased a Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit last week from "Top Vape Mods", and it'll take about two weeks for it to arrive. I got this one after the twitter admin for Top Vape Mods recommended it, on account that it can hold a lot of juice, and has plenty of vapor production. (Side note: a couple days after buying this, I passed a local vaporizer store. D'oh! The good news there is that I'll be able to go by there before I get my vaporizer to see what they think about the setup. I haven't actually talked to anyone who does the vape thing about my idea. )

Zip Ties, small plastic bottles, 9 volt battery connectors, Power split cable, 30mm 12v CPU fans, Superglue, Magnetic Reed-switches, t-joint, Vinyl Tubing, 9 Volt Batteries, and of course, the DragonCon ticket card thing!

Most of the parts pictured were purchased at Fry's Electronics, with the exception of the plastic bottles, which I got from Hobby Lobby. The picture to the right is my current plan. I'll hook the batteries up either by series or parallel, to either double capacity or voltage (not sure which yet). The battery will connect via power y-joint to the two fans. Here's the tough part: my goal was to get a small plastic box to house the fan, but I came across some plastic bottles, and had the idea to take two, cut them in half, and squeeze the two halves together (the dotted line is a cut to allow one half to slide into the other half), with the fan in the middle. This would create a sort of wind tunnel. I'll then make small holes in either end, and pipe the smoke in via vinyl tubing connectors. The bottles I got were just a few millimeters too small, and my attempt at heating them and expanding them just didn't work. I'll go back later today to pick up the larger square bottles I saw last time. To fill in the extra space, I'll wrap paper or something around the sides of the fan to thicken the walls up. I'd rather do that than use a Dremel to modify the fans and risk breaking them. 

Once I make more progress, I'll post some more. 

SCARECROW Build - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight - Progress Part 0

NOTE: This is a duplicate post of a thread I started on the Replica Prop Forum.

I'll be heading to DragonCon this year, so I wanted to chronicle my costume build.

I want to make a costume of Scarecrow (as is seen in Batman Begins/TDK). I'm hoping it'll be a fairly easy costume to pull together and make it look authentic. I’ve done some research, but haven’t figured everything out yet, so I’m turning to the RPF for a little help! I’m writing this post in more of a “build” post format, to show progress as I figure it out. Hopefully it’ll help others on their way too. 

Here are the elements I need, in order of priority:

  1. Mask - (easy) burlap sack, some rope, and then age/dirty it up.
  2. Fear Gas - (less easy) - My thoughts are a combination of a vape, some computer fans, and plastic tubing.
  3. Voice Changer - (Haven’t entirely figured out) - This involves basically a voice changing app on my phone, and a speaker mounted in the mask.

In order to avoid a big fat block of text, I'll post my thoughts/goals on each item as separate posts.