SCARECROW Build - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight - Progress Part 0

NOTE: This is a duplicate post of a thread I started on the Replica Prop Forum.

I'll be heading to DragonCon this year, so I wanted to chronicle my costume build.

I want to make a costume of Scarecrow (as is seen in Batman Begins/TDK). I'm hoping it'll be a fairly easy costume to pull together and make it look authentic. I’ve done some research, but haven’t figured everything out yet, so I’m turning to the RPF for a little help! I’m writing this post in more of a “build” post format, to show progress as I figure it out. Hopefully it’ll help others on their way too. 

Here are the elements I need, in order of priority:

  1. Mask - (easy) burlap sack, some rope, and then age/dirty it up.
  2. Fear Gas - (less easy) - My thoughts are a combination of a vape, some computer fans, and plastic tubing.
  3. Voice Changer - (Haven’t entirely figured out) - This involves basically a voice changing app on my phone, and a speaker mounted in the mask.

In order to avoid a big fat block of text, I'll post my thoughts/goals on each item as separate posts.